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Bread Tag Jazzy Jewelry
by Heidi Borchers

Here’s a clever recycling project that transforms bread bag plastic tabs into jazzy jewelry!

Bread Tag Jazzy Jewelry by Heidi Borchers
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Materials (for 1 necklace and 2 earrings)Jazzy Jewelry
Aleene’s® Super Thick Tacky Glue™
White paper scrap
33 plastic tabs from bread bags in assorted sizes
Acrylic Paint – black
Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint: silver, gold, bronze
Needlenose pliers
44 gold finish jump rings
28 size-10 brass snap swivels
2 size-7 brass snap swivels (available wherever fishing tackle is sold)
1 pair fishhook earrings

Cut 2 tiny strips of paper for each of 23 plastic tabs. Glue 1 strip to each side of 1 tab to cover slit only. Let dry. Repeat for each of 22 more tabs. (This step will help to keep the jump rings from pulling through the slit in the tabs.)

Paint both sides of each tab black. Let dry. For necklace charm, glue 5 tabs together, using 1 tab with paper stripsBread Tag Jazzy Jewelry by Heidi Borchers at top of charm (see photo). Let dry. In the same manner, glue 4 tabs together for each earring. Referring to photo for design inspiration, paint 1 side of each tab, necklace charm, and earring design with metallic dimensional paint. Let dry.

Using needlenose pliers, attach 1 jump ring to each of 20 tabs. Attach 1 jump ring to necklace charm. Attach a second jump ring to each jump ring. To assemble necklace, link together all size-10 snap swivels. Attach jump rings to necklace. For each earring, remove snap from each size-7 snap swivel. Using needlenose pliers, attach 1 jump ring to each earring design. Attach jump ring to 1 end of 1 size-7 swivel. Attach fishhook earring to other end of swivel. Repeat for other earring.

Heidi’s Designer Tip: For added strength, be sure to add a dab of dimensional paint over area where you glued strip of paper. This will give added strength to this area where the jump rings are attached.


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