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Smashed Can Animals
by Heidi Borchers

A smashed soda or aluminum can becomes a funny cow, pig or beer. This is fun activity and a great way to teach kids about recycling.

Smashed Can Cow by Heidi Borchers
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Materials (for 3 animals):
3 aluminum soda or cola cans
Matte spray paint: peach, white, brown
Acrylic paints: peach, lavender, turquoise, rose, yellow, white, brown
Cotton swab (cotton removed from one end)
Scraps of felt: off-white, tan, brown, rose, red, black, pink, white
Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue™
Scrap of black paper
1/8” diameter hole punch
2 (3/8”) wiggle eyes
1/16” wide satin ribbon: 1 (8") length print
2 (1/2” diameter) brown bear eyes
Fine-tip permanent black marker
12” length of ¼” wide print ribbon
2 (1/4” diameter) black beads


Referring to photo for shapes, use your hands to gently flatten 1 can across the center, keeping opening on top in position for mouth. Then use your foot to slowly crush top and bottom of can, being sure to maintain proper positioning of opening. Repeat with remaining cans. Spray paint each can with 1 coat of spray paint. Let dry. Using acrylic paints, paint each can with a second coat of paint. Let dry. For pig, paint flowers on can by removing cotton from one end of cotton swab. Dip end into paint and dot on the flower center and petals, referring to photo for colors. Let dry.

Transfer patterns to felt and cut the following. For pig: from off-white, cut 1 tail, 1 legs piece, 2 ears, and 1 nose;Smashed Can Pig by Heidi Borchers from tan, cut 4 hooves. For bear: from brown, cut 2 arms, 2 ears, 1 snout, and 2 feet; from rose, cut 2 cheeks; from red, cut 1 tongue; from tan, cut paw pads for each foot; from black, cut 1 nose. For cow: from black, cut 1 tail and 4 hooves; from pink, cut 2 cheeks and 2 inner ears; from white, cut 1 horn/ear piece and 1 legs piece. From remaining black felt, refer to photo to cut 5 spots.

For pig, curl tail piece and glue in place. Referring to photo, glue remaining felt pieces in place. Punch 2 black paper pieces for nostrils and glue in place. From black paper, cut and fringe 2 small squares for eyelashes; glue in place. Glue wiggle eyes in place.

Smashed Can Bear by Heidi BorchersFor bear, slightly overlap edges of slit on each ear and glue ears in place. Referring to photo, glue remaining felt pieces and eyes in place. Using marker, draw a line down center of snout (see photo). Tie print ribbon into bow and glue in place. Let dry.

For cow, referring to photo, glue felt pieces in place. Punch 2 black paper pieces for nostrils and glue in place. Glue black beads in place for eyes.

Heidi’s Designer Tip: For a cute addition to the cow, tie a jingle bell onto center of 8” piece of narrow ribbon. Tie ribbon in bow and glue in place under cow’s neck.

Patterns: Enlarge or reduce to desired size.Smashed Can Animals - Patterns

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