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Nutty Critters
by Heidi Borchers

The kids will go nuts over these pocket-sized pets. This cute miniature menagerie looks cute displayed in shadow boxes.

Nutty Critters - Duck - by Heidi Borchers
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Materials for all animals:
6” square of lightweight cardboard
3 whole walnuts
1 walnut half
Acrylic paints: gray, green, light blue, orange, purple, white
Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue ™
Scraps of felt: green, black, orange, pink, purple, white
1” diameter pom-poms: 1 gray, 2 white
¼” diameter pom-poms: 2 each white, pink
1 (3/4” diameter) green pom-pom
8 (1/8” diameter) black beads 
6” (1/16” wide) lavender ribbon
Scraps of white paper
Colored pencils: orange, green



Transfer base pattern to cardboard and cut 3 (1 for each animal except turtle). Referring to photo, paint cardboard bases and walnuts; let dry. To complete turtle shell, paint flowers using toothpicks. Just dip end of toothpick into paint and dot on flowers. Let dry.

For each animal, glue cardboard base to rounded end of matching walnut. Referring to photo, glue 1” pom-pom to pointed end of matching walnut. For cat and bunny, glue 1 (1/4”) pom-poms side by side to head to form cheeks. Let dry.

Walnut Bunny by Heidi Borchers Walnut Shell Cat Walnut Shell Turtle

Transfer turtle pattern to green felt and cut out. Center and glue turtle shell to green felt turtle. Let dry. Glue ¾” pom-pom to turtle for head. Let dry.

Referring to photo for colors, transfer remaining patterns to felt and cut out. Glue felt pieces in place on matching animals. Let dry. Glue 2 beads to each head for eyes. Let dry. For bunny, tie ribbon in bow and glue in place. Transfer pattern for bunny teeth to paper scrap and cut out. Draw and color a carrot on scrap paper and cut out. Glue teeth and carrot to bunny. Let dry.  

Patterns: Enlarge or reduce to desired size.

Walnut Shell Animal Patterns


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