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Napkin Sachets
by Heidi Borchers

Super quick, super easy, super scented! Sew a special sachet out of a paper napkin and fill it with your favorite aromatherapy herbs.

Paper Napkin Sachet
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Aleene's® No Sew Fabric Glue
Paper napkin(s) - design of choice
Sewing machine
Herbs - lavender flowes
Trims and embellishments (optional)


Note that each sachet uses two thicknesses of the napkin with all the plies attached. It’s the layers that give theMoon Sachet by Heidi Borchers paper napkin more durability. Determine where you want the pattern/design on each sachet and decide the size you want. Cut out about ½” larger than finished sachet. Line up edges, place wrong sides together and stitch a ¼” seam on three sides.

Fill the sachet’s unstitched open end with the lavender and tap down.

Stitch the last edge up and trim the edges to about ¼”

Small trims and trinkets can also be glued to the top of the sachet.

Heidi’s Designer Tip: I stitched the edges using a sewing machine. I like the clean look of the stitches and how quickly you can sew up a whole batch of these. If you don’t sew, you can glue the edges together with Aleene’s No Sew Glue. Remember though that you need to glue all the layers together!  

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