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Embossed Glue Beach Scene
by Heidi Borchers

Capture your summer memories with this collection of art canvases which feature beach scenes.

Embossing with Glue Beach by Heidi Borchers
Aleene: A Tacky Lady
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Canvases - 12" x 12" (1) - 4" x 4" (3) - 4" x 8" (2)
Aleene’s® Super Thick Tacky Glue™
Aleene’s® Platinum Bond™ 7800 All-Purpose Adhesive
Acrylic paints - assorted colors for seaside design
Brush(es) 1/2" flat and 1/4" flat
Shells and miscellaneous ocean themed trims

Using photo as guide, draw designs onto each canvas with pencil. Place a tape nozzle onto the glue bottle. Draw with glue along the pencil lines. Let dry completely. Paint base color onto each design area. Let dry. Dry brush design area with lighter color. Using the sea as an example, paint the darker blue first. Let dry. Then dry brush with lighter blue. Repeat painting technique for each canvas. Let dry.

Glue embellishments onto canvases. Let dry. Lay canvases on a flat surface. Apply 7800 glue along the sides of the canvases that touch. Press canvases together and leave undisturbed until completely dry. To help hold together while drying, stack heavy books along edges of canvases. This will help to keep the canvases from shifting.

Heidi's Designer Tip: If you don't want to try your hand at hand-sketching designs on your canvases, children's coloring books and simple clip art designs make great patterns for simple shapes such as these seaside images.

Embossing with Glue Crab by Heidi Borchers Embossing with Glue Seashell by Heidi Borchers  Embossing with Glue Sea Horse by Heidi Borchers 
Embossing with Glue Fish by Heidi Borchers  Embossing with Glue Lighthouse by Heidi Borchers 

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