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Embossing with Glue Bookmarks
by Heidi Borchers

Looking for a perfect gift for your fellow book club members? These adorable bookmarks make wonderful gifts!

Embossing with Glue Bookmark - FishEmbossing with Glue Bookmark - Hearts

Aleene: A Tacky Lady
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Cardstock or lightweight cardboard - cut into 1½” x 7” strips
Hole punch
Aleene’s® Thick Designer Tacky Glue
Scotch tape - ¾” to 1” wide
Spray paint - flat white
Decorator craft chalk - assorted colors
Brush - hard bristle (stencil type brush works great)
Paper towels
Spray fixative
Cording or tassel on cording


Using photo as guide, lightly trace your designs onto the bookmarks. Punch hole in corner.

Place a tape nozzle onto the bottle of glue. (see techniques)

(It is suggested that you practice this next step on waxed paper first.) Draw with glue along the pencil lines. Let dry completely.

Spray paint the bookmarks. Let paint dry.

To apply the chalk to the prepared (sprayed) surface, rub the hard bristle brush over the chalk. Then immediately brush chalk onto an embossed area. To change colors, carefully tap off excess chalk and wipe brush on dry paper towel before changing colors. Refill brush with next color and repeat until entire design is colored with the chalk.

Spray bookmark with fixative to protect/preserve the chalk coloring.

Heidi’s Designer Tip: Instead of flat white spray paint, acrylic paints can be used for a similar look. Just brush on two even coats of paint letting dry completely between coats and dry completely before applying chalk colors.

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